Order Starts: 9AM – 6PM
Delivery Time: 12PM – 8PM

Terms & Conditions:
1. Order diterima melalui telp 3 jam sebelum delivery time yang diminta.
2. Harga Belum termasuk Ongkos Kirim. (+- Rp.10 rb s/d Rp.45 rb area JKT).
3. Minimum Order Rp.150 rb.
4. Menu “Sushi” available hanya porsi Large.
5. Pembayaran Cash On Delivery.
6. Delivery time juga bergantung pada kondisi cuaca dan lalu lintas.
7. Pre Order (beberapa hari sebelumnya) dapat dilakukan untuk meminimalkan antrian.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Orders accepted by phone 3 hours before the requested delivery time.
2. Price does not include Delivery Charge (+ – IDR 10 rb s / d Rp.45 rb Jakarta Area).
3. Minimum Order Rp.150 rb.
4. Menu “Sushi” available only Large Servings.
5. Cash On Delivery payment.
6. Delivery time also depends on the weather and traffic conditions.
7. Pre Order (a few days earlier) can be done to minimize the queue.

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